Working Out If Your Parcel Fits Within Our Standard Tariff

The guide below is designed to help you work out your packages volumetric size, so you can confirm the shipping costs for your item. If you are having trouble or would prefer to talk directly to a member of our team call 024 76466000 or email: info@defendacouriers.co.uk

The 30kg weight limit is either the actual weight of the parcel, or the volumetric weight.
To calculate the volumetric weight all you need is a tape measure, and a calculator.

Measure the three dimensions of the box in cm’s:-

Length – Left to Right
Depth – Front to Back
Height – Up & Down

Add the two smallest numbers together
Multiply them by two
Add the largest number

The total must not exceed 300

Example 1

Length – 32cm
Depth – 21cm
Height – 46cm

32 + 21 = 53 x 2 = 106 + 46 Total volumetric weight = 152 OK to send

Example 2

Length – 96cm
– 47cm
– 77cm

77 + 47 = 124 x 2 = 248 + 96 Total volumetric weight = 344 NOT OK to send at our standard tariff.

We can however, quote to ship any sized items via a different service. Please call us on 02476 466000 or email: info@defendacouriers.co.uk